Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.

― Mark Twain

Mahindra Group's collaboration with CentraleSupélec
(École Centrale Paris)

Mahindra École Centrale (MEC) came into existence as the result of a joint partnership signed in late 2013 between Tech Mahindra, École Centrale of Paris, France (now known as CentraleSupélec) and JNTU- Hyderabad.

MEC’s illustrious French Connection

CentraleSupélec was officially established on January 1st, 2015, bringing together two leading engineering schools in France; École Centrale Paris (founded in 1829) and Supélec.

École Centrale Paris was among the most prestigious and selective grandes écoles, producing illustrious engineers like Gustave Eiffel (1855), designer of the Eiffel Tower and the internal structure of the Statue of Liberty; Georges Leclanché (1860), inventor of Leclanché cell; Émile Levassor and René Panhard (1864), founders of the first car manufacturing company, Panhard et Levassor; André Michelin (1877), founder of Michelin; Louis Blériot (1895), aviation pioneer, first pilot to cross the Channel; Armand Peugeot (1895), founder of automobile maker Peugeot (Peugeot PSA); Marcel Schlumberger (1907), co-founder of Schlumberger Limited, and many more.

MEC & CentraleSupélec : A Strategic Synergy

This high level Indo-French partnership makes MEC stand out from rest of the renowned engineering colleges in the country. The MEC logo, a tribute to the flags of the two nations, is itself symbolic of this deep synergy between two nations, and industry-academia at the core.

The (then) Indian Ambassador to France, Shri Arun Kumar Singh had defined this significant collaboration as a ‘Shining Jewel of Indo-French collaboration in the higher engineering education’ , at the launch ceremony of MEC in Paris, March, 2014.

The “Privileged Partnership Agreement” with CentraleSupélec signed in 2013 was extended in February 2018 for an additional 5 years. Under this renewed agreement, students of MEC have a larger scope of opportunities and international exposure.

Highlights of Privileged Partnership with CentraleSupélec

  • Student Exchange Programs: Supports student mobility in both directions for short term (summer internships) and long term (semester exchange for major project work). MEC students (meeting CS Criteria) get an opportunity to spend 2 additional years (post-graduation) at CS Paris and obtain CS French engineering degree.
  • Visiting Faculty: To provide a world-class education to the students, academic faculty from CS can visit MEC for periods ranging from 1 week to 1 semester.
  • Collaborative Research and Development Projects: MEC and CS are actively involved in joint collaborative research projects between faculty and/or research groups.
  • Curriculum Inputs: Academic Curriculum at MEC has specific inputs from CentraleSupélec.
Read more about CentraleSupélec and its international network here:


Mahindra École Centrale Engineering College uses an interdisciplinary model of education that creates three dimensional engineers; high level scientific and technical generalists, experts in initiating and piloting innovative projects, and well-rounded experts with a strong international culture. MEC’s ambition is to develop engineering graduates into leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. MEC’s curriculum includes :

  • A well-designed blend of Fundamental Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Social and Human Sciences.
  • Development of creative and critical thinking skills and their application to complex engineering challenges.
  • Case-based and problem-based learning through team projects.
  • Research and corporate work programs.
  • International and inter-cultural, top exchange programs in Hyderabad and internships

Campus Infrastructure

MEC is a high tech facility replete with most advanced scientific infrastructure. It is set in a breath-taking ambience providing a unique cultural immersion in a predominantly green campus with luxurious dorms and suites, sports, recreational and multi-cuisine facilities.