MUDRA (Mahindra University UV Désinfectant Robot Autonome)

MUDRA is an Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle (AUV) Disinfecting Robot built by Mahindra University. 
It is designed to disinfect Rooms, Labs, Offices, Shop floors, and various other spaces using Ultraviolet -C (UVC) rays. According to recent research, UV rays can kill a variety of germs and viruses on surfaces and in the air.

The exclusive features of MUDRA are as follows:

1. Navigates autonomously on the floor without any extra infrastructure required.
2. Maps/Plans its path to move around.
3. Avoids obstacles and re-charts its path intelligently.
4. Moves from one room to another on the same floor without any human intervention.
5. Operates UV lights to disinfect various work locations and spaces.
6. Switches off UV whenever human presence is detected around it.
7. Has the capability to operate elevators and move from one floor to another using wireless communication.

The MUDRA project has been funded by Mahindra University.

Watch the Video of MUDRA in action here.

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