TEDxMahindraUniversity, the 5th edition would be conducted on 11th April 2021

Welcome to TEDxMahindraUniversity, an initiative that brings prominent speakers to talk about their field of work so that their ideas and opinions can be shared around the world. This year marks the 5th edition of the event and the aim is to make it better than ever before. The aim has been to bring forth diverse ideas and conversations in order to provide the audience with an enriching experience.

Theme : Alt + F4

Alt+F4 is a commonly used keyboard shortcut to close a currently active process, freeing up space to start another process or restart the process anew. Our motive in choosing such a theme comes from our belief that everyone should have the ability to click Alt+F4 in their lives, to take a break, reassess their choices, gain insight, and think from a different perspective.

With Alt+F4, we are looking to break stereotypes, understand people from a fresh point of view and look for alternate solutions in order to avoid making the same mistakes. In simpler words, we are looking at disconnecting and then reconnecting to find a story worth writing and sharing.

Register here: https://tedxmahindrauniversity.github.io/