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B.Tech in association with
Mahindra Group &
École Centrale, Paris
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New Age Learning

Unique Pedagogical method

An interdisciplinary model of education that not only helps in Technical Learning but also in the development of creative and critical thinking skills, transforming graduate students into innovators.

Industry Sponsorships and Internships

Be a part of a research driven program that includes industrial collaborations to eventual placement - a plethora of opportunities to grow.

Innovative teaching Ambience

An environment with world class labs and infrastructure nurturing hands on learning and enhancing student experience

The École Centrale Advantage (is now CentraleSupélec)

Bringing over 180 years of Engineering expertise to India

Mahindra brings one of the world leaders in Engineering to India, presenting a unique opportunity for students to get an international edge.

Curriculum designed in collaboration with École Centrale

The student curriculum is designed in association with École Centrale, focusing more on industrial research and readiness.

Learning with expert faculty from École Centrale

Students get the opportunity to update themselves and learn from the expert faculty members from École Centrale Paris.

Internship & Research Opportunities

École Centrale provides an opportunity for students and faculty at MEC to experience diverse environments through Internships and Research Projects

Industry Connect Powered by Mahindra Group

One of the leaders of Indian industry Landscape, the Mahindra group needs no introduction. A USD 19 Billion enterprise and dozens of successful ventures, it is a name that comes second to none in the industrial sector today.

A blend of Indian and International Faculty

MEC's faculty is a mix of accomplished Indian and International academicians and Industry experts, all Ph.Ds, with a high degree of emphasis on research. MEC continues to attract a steady stream of International visiting faculty from École Centrale and its partner institutions.

Placements & Internships

MEC’s first batch of global ready versatile engineers have made their presence felt in the corporate fraternity. Global brands like Microsoft, Voltas, GAP Inc. & Mahindra and Mahindra have preferred MEC engineers for their industry readiness.

A Glimpse of life at MEC

Explore what it feels like to be a part of MEC- a unique venture that focuses more on industry based education by providing its students a platform to grow and excel.

What People Say

See what the industrial experts and global corporate leaders have to say about us!