• 19 Nov Civil Engineering

    India has been consistently securing a lower rank while participating in the Programme for International...

  • 02 Nov Civil Engineering
    HERBIE, this time around, is not a Disney movie…

    HERBIE, a Volkswagen Beetle in a series of Disney films in the 1960s, had its share of misadventures

  • 31 Mar Civil Engineering
    10 Reasons why you should apply early

    MEC’s Early Decision/or/and/Action Plan is known to save students a great deal of stress, time and money during the Admission Process.

  • 14 Mar Civil Engineering
    What would we do without Civil Engineers?

    If you have an acumen for maths and science, and have been considering a career in Civil Engineering, you are probably...

  • 08 Mar Civil Engineering
    Emerging Paradigms like AI, IoT and Machine Learning in IT

    You give a voice command “Alexa, play ‘I like how it feels’ by Enrique” and the song starts playing.

  • 25 Jul Civil Engineering
    Top 10 Moments of 2015

    The year 2015-2016 proved to be quite exciting for everyone at MEC. A great number of events were organised, ranging from art & design workshops to industry connects with some...