• 26 Nov Admissions
    Most Promising Engineering Disciplines with the Best Opportunities in 2025

    Maybe you have not decided yet.  What are the future job opportunities and growth prospects? Well, there are many questions to be answered. The world is witnessing paradigm shift in engineering. The digital revolution in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine learning, Robotics, etc are taking place every day. It is interesting to see new knowledge emerging in many areas.

  • 26 Nov Civil Engineering
    Is the future of Civil Engineering in India bright?

    Every year, many students pass out from schools with hopes and aspirations of becoming an engineer. Hence, these students look for colleges that offer graduation in engineering. However, engineering is such a vast field that it comes with numerous specialisations.

  • 01 Oct Life at MEC
    Beyond classrooms and lecture halls: Adapting to Online Learning

    Imparted by a number of the world's top-ranked institutions, online learning offers you all the perks of attending your dream university, from a remote (and safe/secure) location. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, online learning is a part of course offerings by many universities around the globe and a preferred option in the current pandemic scenario. 

  • 10 Sep Admissions
    From MEC to Mahindra University – and a new journey begins!

    India is at a stage where it could soon be a world leader in fields like production, research, IT and sciences.

  • 20 Apr Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering in India by 2023 - Heading towards a transformation

    'Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create which has never been' - Albert Einstein. 

  • 06 Mar Mechanical Engineering
    Scope of Mechanical Engineering in India: What’s next?

    Mechanical Engineering is one of the evergreen branches of engineering which over time, has contributed to several innovations.

  • 02 Mar Computer Science Engineering
    How to land a job and launch a career in Artificial Intelligence?

    Your mailbox rules out the infamous ‘Winner of 5 Million GBP Lottery’ mail from populating your inbox and it lands in your spam folder automatically- it’s a usual thing. Do you know the science behind this? 

  • 06 Jan Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    Scope of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Imagine your life without electricity and consumer durables like television, refrigerator, microwave, etc. - seems mundane and hard to survive. Isn’t it?  

  • 01 Jan Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    Value-added skills for Electrical & Electronics Engineers

    Gone are the days when a regular engineering degree was enough to accelerate career growth. Nowadays, you need to gain value-added skills while pursuing an engineering degree to stand out in the crowd of engineers.

  • 19 Nov Admissions

    India has been consistently securing a lower rank while participating in the Programme for International...

  • 02 Nov Civil Engineering
    HERBIE, this time around, is not a Disney movie…

    HERBIE, a Volkswagen Beetle in a series of Disney films in the 1960s, had its share of misadventures

  • 31 Mar Admissions
    10 Reasons why you should apply early

    MEC’s Early Decision/or/and/Action Plan is known to save students a great deal of stress, time and money during the Admission Process.

  • 14 Mar Civil Engineering
    What would we do without Civil Engineers?

    If you have an acumen for maths and science, and have been considering a career in Civil Engineering, you are probably...

  • 08 Mar Computer Science Engineering
    Emerging Paradigms like AI, IoT and Machine Learning in IT

    You give a voice command “Alexa, play ‘I like how it feels’ by Enrique” and the song starts playing.

  • 25 Jul Life at MEC
    Top 10 Moments of 2015

    The year 2015-2016 proved to be quite exciting for everyone at MEC. A great number of events were organised, ranging from art & design workshops to industry connects with some...