• 26 Nov Admissions
    Most Promising Engineering Disciplines with the Best Opportunities in 2025

    Maybe you have not decided yet.  What are the future job opportunities and growth prospects? Well, there are many questions to be answered. The world is witnessing paradigm shift in engineering. The digital revolution in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine learning, Robotics, etc are taking place every day. It is interesting to see new knowledge emerging in many areas.

  • 10 Sep Admissions
    From MEC to Mahindra University – and a new journey begins!

    India is at a stage where it could soon be a world leader in fields like production, research, IT and sciences.

  • 19 Nov Admissions

    India has been consistently securing a lower rank while participating in the Programme for International...

  • 31 Mar Admissions
    10 Reasons why you should apply early

    MEC’s Early Decision/or/and/Action Plan is known to save students a great deal of stress, time and money during the Admission Process.