• 26 Nov Civil Engineering
    Is the future of Civil Engineering in India bright?

    Every year, many students pass out from schools with hopes and aspirations of becoming an engineer. Hence, these students look for colleges that offer graduation in engineering. However, engineering is such a vast field that it comes with numerous specialisations.

  • 20 Apr Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering in India by 2023 - Heading towards a transformation

    'Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create which has never been' - Albert Einstein. 

  • 02 Nov Civil Engineering
    HERBIE, this time around, is not a Disney movie…

    HERBIE, a Volkswagen Beetle in a series of Disney films in the 1960s, had its share of misadventures

  • 14 Mar Civil Engineering
    What would we do without Civil Engineers?

    If you have an acumen for maths and science, and have been considering a career in Civil Engineering, you are probably...