Department of Chemistry at MU teaches two chemistry courses to first year undergraduate B. Tech students. These courses introduce basic concepts of chemistry and some engineering applications. The associated laboratory course provides adequate scope for students to explore the concepts learnt in the lectures through experiments. The department also offers several advanced elective courses for third and final year students. Chemistry teaching labs are equipped with all necessary facilities and safety features. The labs are equipped with fume exhaust and ventilated fume hoods to provide safe working environment. Undergraduate students are also provided with hands-on access to modern analytical equipment such as UV-Visible and FT-IR spectrophotometer.

The research interests of the faculty members broadly span topics such as surface science, nanomaterials, CVD, thin films, etc.

Faculty members also actively collaborate with other natural science and engineering department on various research projects. The chemistry research lab is well-equipped with the necessary facilities for synthesis.



Aspire to be a ‘next-gen engineer’ equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities of an automated world at MU!

MU's faculty is a mix of accomplished Indian and International academicians, all Ph.Ds, with a high degree of emphasis on research. MU continues to attract a steady stream of International visiting faculty from École Centrale and its partner institutions.