Culture:  Developing vibrant entrepreneurial culture
With a view to create an enabling eco-system on campus and to develop leadership and organizational skills, the center has instituted and setup a Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell (EIC).

The cell having 250 members is the second largest club on campus. It organizes events that exposes students to various aspects of the entrepreneurial lifestyle by conducting, Hackathon, Meets, business simulation games, talks and visits to industrial parks. The Center also helps the cell members to participate in international competitions.

The Babson challenge which is centered on finding enterprising and innovative means to address the SDGs as set by the United Nations is one such example.

Nurture:  Developing the entrepreneurial mindset, skillset and toolset
With a view to develop entrepreneurial capabilities, the center offers a curriculum that trains students in developing entrepreneurial competencies, generating business ideas, developing a business plan and negotiating investments. The center has collaborated with Babson College, USA. As part of the BABSON collaborative the center connects and exposes the students to international challenges and learning experiences apart from cutting edge curriculum. The focus of the center is to develop the mindset, skillset and provide the toolset to the students on campus to take an entrepreneurial approach to life, either by creating new ventures or being entrepreneurial in their professional life.

To provide an outlet for innovations and enable commercialization of technologies and ideas emerging as a result of faculty-student partnerships is the mandate of the third pillar.

Mahindra e-Hub:

The Incubation center has been set up with the intent to harness the intellectual potential and the spirit of enterprise among the students, faculty, and alumni of the university. It also intends to nurture those who want to solve, social, economic, and civic challenges through technology cutting across various sectors of the economy. At its core, Mahindra e- Hub is a technology-based incubator (TBI) that is industry agnostic and is driven by critical thinking, innovation, and a spirit of enterprise.

What does Mahindra e-hub offer you?
• Co-working space
• Access to workshops & Labs
• Technology guidance
• Prototype development
• Business Mentoring
• Go to market Strategy
• Legal, accounting and marketing support services
• Seed fund
• Corporate connect
• Networking with investors

Start-ups at Mahindra University Snapshot:

1. Favo Construction Technologies :

FAVO is an automation and construction materials start-up developing a mobile robot for concrete 3D printing, bricklaying, plastering, and painting applications. We are addressing the extreme labor dependency of the construction industry, especially in mid-sized residential and large-scale villa construction projects. With our patented technology, we aim to reduce the cost and time of construction by a minimum of 40%.

Designation of FAVO's founding team:

Shiva Bhisne - CEO & Chief Product Officer (CPO) - Robotics.
SHIVA BHISNE: CEO & Chief Product Officer (CPO) - Robotics

2. Madi Tech Solutions-Madi Tech Solutions aims to carry on the business of indigenous technology development of high quality, safe, cost effective and reliable electrical and electronics equipment related to renewable power generation as per international standards. 
The company specifically deals in products related to renewable energy sources utilizable at household scale as well as at commercial setups for example bidirectional electric vehicle supply equipment, AC based EV charger, DC based EV charger, grid connected solar inverters, smart DC home management systems, online UPS etc.

MadiTech Solutions Founding Team:

Sreedhar Medichetty
Lokadithya Reddy Yadamakanti
Jaideep Kondepati
Nikhitha Sunkara

Yumploy - YUMPLOY is an initiative to have a robust, authentic, and credible information repository about all persons working in India. This develops trusted and permanent fact sheet of information about each candidate along-with background check reports giving authentic and instant verification. This is a security best practice for the industry and assures identity security, industry acceptance to honest candidates. YUMPLOY is a web-based system hosting a fact sheet of information about existing and prospective employees of Indian workforce.

Yumploy Founding Team:

Mallik S Vadlapatla - Founder & CEO
Uday Kiran Marni - Co-Founder & COO
Abhiradh Chandina - Chief Technological Officer

4. Chakshu.AI - is a Deep Learning SaaS startup, with a mission to disrupt the Status Quo by leveraging the power of AI. They harness State-of-The-Art Computer Vision technology to solve complex problems Efficiently. One such product that they have launched recently is Chakshu Face Attendance App.

Chakshu Founding Team:

Kartikeya Bhardwaj

Autodub.AI - Edutech platforms and other Video content providers have quality content in ENGLISH. Dubbing/translating that content into other languages is very tedious and costly process. They help Edutech companies,Youtubers,Podcasts and other online portals in expanding their reach to different language viewers by dubbing their content at very faster and low costs. They use Artificial intelligence engines to translate videos and outputs are proof read by professionals to ensure 100% accuracy.

Autodub.AI Founding Team:

Harsha Vardhan Reddy Tamatam
Krishna Vamshi Reddy Lankala
Praharsha Chilmakuri
Harsha Chaitanya
Vaishnav Potlapalli

Our Alumni Startups

Widhya - Widhya is a student-centric organization that focuses on helping students get industry-ready by exposing them to real-time Micro-Tasks and Missions. "Micro-Tasks" and "Missions" are parts of the work that a company outsources to us. Widhya enables students and learners to get a taste of the industry before formally entering the workforce through an internship or a job. Companies can find the best candidates solely based on skills and can save time and money by using their platform to onboard talent.

Widhya Founding Team:

Rishabh Singh - Co-Founder
Rahul Arulkumaran - Co-Founder

Programs at Mahindra e-Hub

Incubation program - The Mahindra e Hub Incubation Program is specifically designed to help early stage to mid stage startups looking for accelerating their pace & scale up. Entrepreneurs joining Mahindra E Hub are provided with the best opportunities and knowledge to refine their idea, launch their enterprises, grow it into scalable business. Various takeaways from the Incubation program include access to labs and workshops, co-working space and access to mentors, connecting to investors and more. The duration of the program is three months. We will organize the program virtually. Participants can get a chance to connect, contact and get to know the professionals and investors from different sectors.


Our Programs

E Summit – 2020 - The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell of Mahindra École Centrale organized its first E-SUMMIT on 24th and 25th of January, 2020. This?E-Summit?was themed around “UN Sustainable Development Goals”?and was aimed to focus on business ideas and?innovative?solutions?that?address?them. This E-SUMMIT hosted a variety of unique events such as the Startup Sprint in addition to various standard events such as Startup Showcase and Business Idea Competition. Students and participants got an opportunity to attend keynote speeches, panel discussions and interacted with successful entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

Policies at Mahindra University

Incubation and startup policy
Faculty entrepreneurship policy
IPR Policy