Aether 2k18 is the third edition of the annual techno cultural literary fest organized by Mahindra École Centrale. The fest is a two day celebration of innovation and ideas.

Day one is endless fun and spirited competition. Some of the events include, Mastershot a 48 hour time bounded film making contest which will be finally screened for the audience. We have Groove which is a dance competition and we guarantee a day when hips really don’t lie. For all the quiz geeks we have the quiz of a lifetime with the incredible Major Chandrakant Nair as the quizmaster. What’s a celebration without some hungama, sure to draw out the movie bluffs is the Bollywood hungama. This is just the top of the iceberg, there’s lot more where that came from! The day ends on a sweet note with an event called Reproduce. Reproduce is an artist organization that organizes music events all over the world. They handpick artists from a wide variety of genres and gives them an opportunity to expand their horizons. Aether2k18 is overjoyed to host this event.

Day-2 brings you the highly anticipated proshows, from a stand-up comedy show by India’s favourite Neeti Palta to an electrifying performance by the most sought after DJ in the Indian EDM circuit- Zaeden. Aether has it all! The 5- piece progressive fusion rock band, Threeory are also set to perform at Aether. They play a unique genre that combines the best of the West with Indian classical music. This Aether lend your ears to a night of celebrating music, magic and madness!