Short Term Training Program on IoT-5G and Beyond

The proposed short term training program (STTP) on "IoT 5G and Beyond with Deep Learning Demonstrations and Hands on Training" is a specialized program that delves into the IoT 5G and beyond wireless communication technologies in general Wireless communication has changed the social fabric of humanity like no other technology Over the last few decades the mobile communication industry is working to provide the seamless data connectivity and unequivocal quality of service 5 G is going to play a significant role in modern IoT devices and so our training program focuses on exploring some of the important technology developments especially in the radio access technology that are expected to drive 5 G and beyond Participants will be able to gain the knowledge of fundamentals and practical hands on experience of working on 5G projects.

This hands on training program will benefit the below participants:

Research Scholars/UG/PG students to learn the advanced concepts and the can get the direction of how to generate the preliminary research results through Matlab and Python coding and analysis
Faculty from engineering colleges and industry professional to take their research to next level and implement their ideas on 5G research through Python coding and Matlab

Important Dates:

• Program Dates: 7 - 11 July 2021
• Last date for Registration: 5 July 2021
• Venue: To be conducted ONLINE through Zoom
• Registration fee for participants for UG Students: 300/- INR
• Registration fee for Faculty/PG/PhD Scholars: 500/- INR

Registration Link: