Upcoming Webinars

Following is the finalized webinar schedule till 15-Sep-2021:

Date Topic Speaker Timings Registration Link
Sep-7 B.A. Economics & Finance at Mahindra University - School of Management Prof. Nilanjan Banik 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM https://bit.ly/3jLGw24
Sep-8 Civil Engineering at Mahindra University Dr. Venkata Dilip 11 AM - 12 Noon https://bit.ly/3n1EY6a
Sep-12 Computation & Mathematics at Mahindra University Dr. Mahipal 11 AM - 12 Noon https://bit.ly/3yLhNQ3
Sep-15 Mechatronics & Mechanical Engineering at Mahindra University Dr. Bhaskar Tamma 11 AM - 12 Noon https://bit.ly/3h3AqIO