"To promote Research at an International Level of Excellence to extend the edge of Scientific Knowledge and Contribute to the Rise of a New India".

In order to achieve such an ambitious vision statement, the faculty members of MU strive towards the development of Basic and Applied Research, especially catering to industrial needs, the training and involvement of students to perform research and setting up collaboration with industrial companies as well as international academic and research institutions.

Research at MU is organized focusing on high level projects identified / developed by the faculty members. All faculty members of MU hold Ph.D. degrees from top of the line Institutions/Universities in India and across the globe, with most of them having research experience in a foreign country. The research areas at MU are predominantly engineering focused, due to its unique orientation towards contributing to the rise of new engineers in India, MU also has teams working in the fields of media, economics and humanities.

Around twenty research teams are involved in these different areas, and depending on the projects they are developing, certain research teams are involved in several areas.

  • 100%

    Faculty members of MEC have Ph.D

  • 230+ (in 5 years)

    Papers published

  • 20

    Research Teams