Salome Benhur Professor and Head Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Benhur Salome is a Professor with Mahindra University École Centrale School of Engineering in the English department. She has a vast experience in teaching, mentoring, conducting workshops and has presented papers in National and International seminars.

Dr. Salome has worked with the EFL University as Ad-hoc Lecturer and with St. Francis College for Women as Lecturer.

  • Education
    • PhD (Eng.) Andhra University, 2003
    • M.A. (Eng.) Andhra University, 1995
    • B.A. Andhra University, 1993
  • Research

    Publications, presentations and industry sponsored reports

    • Written M.A. distance study material for EFL University, to be published
    • Written study material for Hi-tech Publishers

    Research Guidance

    • One M Phil awarded in 2011
    • One student doing M Phil
    • One student doing PhD
  • Experience
    • Lecturer, St. Francis College for Women
    • Ad-hoc Lecturer, EFL University
    • Associate Professor, Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology
    • Associate Professor, SCIENT Institute of Technology