Sanatan Sukhija Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Sanatan Sukhija is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Mahindra University École Centrale School of Engineering. He earned his Doctorate from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar in January 2020.

His broad area of research is Transfer Learning. Over the last 5 years, he developed three robust frameworks for learning in those domains where labeled data is scarce or absent. The research has led to multiple publications at top-tier venues (AI Journal, AAAI, IJCAI, ECML-PKDD, IJCNN, WCCI etc.). 

  • Education


    Thesis Title: Leveraging Label Space Similarities for Transfer Learning
    Thesis Advisor: Narayanan C Krishnan (
    Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
    July 2014 – Jan 2020

    M. Tech.

    Computer Engineering
    Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur
    July 2011 – May 2013

    B. Tech.

    Computer Science and Engineering 
    Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology, GGSIPU, New Delhi
    Aug 2007 – May 2011

    UGC-NET 2012 (JRF and Lectureship)
    GATE 2013 (99.58 percentile)

  • Research

    Areas of Interest:

    Machine Learning (Theoretical and Applied), Transfer Learning and Deep Learning. 

    About my Research:

    Given plentiful labeled training data, deep learning really shines when it comes to complex problems such as image classification, natural language processing, and speech recognition. I have worked on specific machine learning problems, in particular, transfer learning and domain adaptation. This research area focuses on learning in those domains where the amount of labeled training data is scarce or absent. Preferably, for the next few years, I intend to extend my research to the deep transfer context where the ideas from shallow transfer algorithms can be leveraged to learn robust deep models for industry/healthcare related problems or applications inspired from multimedia and IoT. I am also open to working on interesting and challenging inter-disciplinary problems in other fields, including but not limited to, data mining, ubiquitous computing, and pervasive computing. Auto-ML, Adversarial Learning, Meta-Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Zero-Shot Learning, and Reinforcement Learning are some of the other areas that interest me. I am looking forward to working with students who are technically strong in Mathematics and Computer Science.

    Professional Affiliation

    Member of ACM, AAAI and IEEE.

    Professional Service

    Reviewer for IEEE TKDE, International Journal of Intelligent Systems (Wiley), IEEE ICCV and IEEE ICIP.

    Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/FDPs attended:

    • Faculty Development Programmes: Oracle Big Data, Particle Swarm Optimization, Big Data, Code optimization, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web, Penetration Testing, Data Mining-Clustering v/s Classification and HADOOP at NCU, Gurgaon 2013-2014.
    • Symposiums: SIN 2012 and 2013, IACC 2014.
    • Workshops: IWML 2016, ACM-MSR Academic Research Summit 2016, [Ethical Hacking, Linux Networking, Mozilla Firefox Add-On development, Network Administration, Ruby on Rails and Web Development] at MAIT, New Delhi 2007-2011.
    • Seminars and Conferences: ECML-PKDD 2018, AAAI 2018, CoDS-COMAD 2018, IJCAI 2016, ICIIP-2014 & 2017, IACC 2014.

    Conferences/Workshops conducted:

    • Core Organizing Team for Research Conclave, April 21, 2018 at IIT Ropar.
    • Coordinator for IEEE International Advance Computing Conference (IACC), February 21 – 22, 2014 at The NorthCap University (formerly ITM), Gurgaon, India.
  • Awards
    • Best Paper Presenter at CoDS-COMAD 2018.
    • President Gold Medal Winner at MNIT Jaipur (M. Tech, 2011-2013).
    • Merit holder: Secured third position in the pre-final year of B.Tech.
    • School Topper in C.B.S.E Secondary Examination.
    • Recipient of several grants for presenting research at premier conference venues
      • ACM-India IARCS, Microsoft and SERB Travel Grant for ECML-PKDD, Dublin, Ireland, 2018.
      • ACM Travel Grant for CoDS-COMAD, Goa, India 2018.
      • IITRPR Travel Grant for AAAI, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 2018.
      • ACM-India IARCS, Microsoft and IJCAI travel grant for IJCAI, New York, USA, 2016.
      • ACM-MSR grant for ACM-MSR annual academic research summit at Infosys, Pune, 2016.
  • Publications


    • Sanatan Sukhija and Narayanan C Krishnan, “Supervised Heterogeneous Feature Transfer via Random Forests,” Artificial Intelligence Journal, Elsevier, Volume 268, March 2019, Pages 30-53.

    Book Chapters:

    • [In Press] Sanatan Sukhija and Narayanan Chatapuram Krishnan, “Shallow Domain Adaptation”, Domain adaptation in computer vision with deep learning, (editors) Hemanth Venkateswara and Sethuraman Panchanathan, Springer, 2020.

    International Conferences:

    • [In Press] Sanatan Sukhija, Srenivas Varadarajan, Narayanan C Krishnan and Sujit Rai “Multi-Partition Feature Alignment Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation,” IJCNN, 2020.
    • Sanatan Sukhija and Narayanan C Krishnan, “Web-Induced Heterogeneous Transfer Learning with Sample Selection,” in Proceedings of the Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 2018, pp. 777-793. 
    • Sanatan Sukhija, “Label Space Driven Heterogeneous Transfer Learning with Web Induced Alignment,” in Proceedings of the Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2018. 
    • Sanatan Sukhija, “Label Space Driven Feature Space Remapping,” in Proceedings of the ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data, 2018, pp. 310-313. [Best Paper Presenter] 
    • Sanatan Sukhija, Narayanan C Krishnan and Deepak Kumar, “Supervised Heterogeneous Transfer Learning via Random Forests,” in Proceedings of the ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data, 2018, pp. 157-166.
    • Monika Dahiya, Sanatan Sukhija, Deepak Kumar and Hukum Singh, “Image Encryption based on watermarking technique in Fourier domain using Pixel scrambling,” in Proceedings of the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Image Information Processing, 2017. 
    • Sanatan Sukhija, Narayanan C Krishnan and Gurkanwal Singh, “Supervised Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation via Random Forests,” in Proceedings of the 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2016, pp. 2039-2045. 
    • Monika Dahiya,  Sanatan Sukhija and Hukum Singh, "Image encryption using quad phase masks in fractional Fourier domain and case study," in Proceedings of  IEEE international advance computing conference, 2014.
    • Sanatan Sukhija, Subhash Panwar and Neeta Nain, “CRAMM: character recognition aided by mathematical morphology,” in Proceedings of the IEEE Second International Conference on Image Information Processing, 2013.

    Workshop Proceedings:

    • Sanatan Sukhija and Narayanan C Krishnan, “Supervised Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation via Random Forests,” in Proceedings of the 2nd Indian Workshop on Machine Learning, 2016.
  • Experience


    • Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh
      Assistant Professor 
      14/10/19 to 17/07/20
    • The NorthCap University (formerly ITM),  Gurugram, Haryana
      Assistant Professor
      1/7/13 to 21/6/14


    •  Intel Technology India Private Limited, Bangalore
      Graduate Research Intern
      6/8/18 to 4/1/19
    • Amazon, Bangalore
      Applied Scientist Intern
      4/6/18 to 4/8/18
    • HCL, Noida 
      SDE Intern
      1/7/10 to 3/8/10
    • NetTech, BITS Goa
      Trainee (Network Administration on Linux Servers)
      May 2010 to June 2010
    • Siemens, Gurgaon
      SDE Intern
      1/8/09 to 30/9/09