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-Benjamin Franklin


Mahindra Ecole Centrale addresses students in Chennai

Mahindra École Centrale (MEC) a premiere engineering institute organized a seminar on careers in engineering and its prospects worldwide. MEC is a collaboration between Mahindra Group, École Centrale Paris, one of the oldest and most prestigious engineering institutions in France, and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) Hyderabad, a premier institution with academic and research oriented courses.

This institute, based out of Hyderabad, will help build leaders and impart industry-ready higher education. MEC’s integrated curriculum will develop students to face global engineering challenges and adapt to new technologies that are still in their infancy. MEC institution is committed to providing world-class infrastructure to support a strong research vision and offer students with cutting-edge facilities in emerging and inter-disciplinary technologies.

The program is designed to provide unique cultural diversity that helps real time association with the industry through internships and a healthy mix of international and domestic faculties. The curriculum covers not only several traditional branches of engineering but also fundamentals in Natural Sciences, humanities, business & management. Schematically over the 5 years, one third is devoted to basic knowledge: Mathematics, physics, Biology, chemistry, humanities, philosophy, language & cultures. One another third is on Engineering and the remaining third is on business and management, soft skill, projects and internships.

In sum, students’ readiness to work in a company, ability to bridge several branches of engineering together and international exposure provides better career opportunities both in India and abroad. The engineering degree will be also accredited by the French board of Engineers.

Speaking during the seminar, Mr. Hariharan, Head of Creative Sciences, Mahindra École Centrale said: “Today’s business environment demands the creation of global business leaders. MEC in collaboration with École Centrale has designed a unique curriculum which will help students develop the ability to master the complexities of business. The institute aims to train three dimensional engineers – leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, so that they are capable of meeting the greatest challenges of their era.

The admission process has started and the first batch is set to commence from 4th August 2014.

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