An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

-Benjamin Franklin


École Tyohar – the MEC Annual Festival

A culmination of diverse cultures gave form to a one of a kind festival, the École Tyohar which was held from 14-15 March, 2015, at Mahindra École Centrale. The name École Tyohar and its logo reflect the diversity element and connects with the roots of the college.

“Our First École Tyohar event was a manifestation of our belief that our students should not only be good at studies but also be good at other co-curricular activities to develop into well-rounded performers. Our students and faculty presented a veritable feast for the senses. With such a scintillating beginning, École Tyohar, will only move from strength to strength. The whole-hearted involvement and participation of the students as well as the teaching staff transformed it into a high-energy showcase of skill and talent. We hope that each one of us has been able to discover our hidden talent through this event, that has been a fine example of passionate participation by students and the faculty”, says Prof. K Hariharan, Dean of Students. 

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