An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

-Benjamin Franklin


Is Virtual Reality the next big thing?

As answered by Prof. Hariharan Krishnan

Why does Virtual and Augmented reality figure in so many areas of discussion today? The unprecedented convergence that we witness of diverse disciplines such as engineering, medicine, management & cybernetics is forcing us all to rethink seriously about the role of communications tomorrow. If Gutenberg’s printing press, invented in 1450, standardised the written word and made language available to all citizens, then the new mobile technology has made visuals available to all netizens at the touch of one’s fingertip. In short Digital Media technology has positioned itself as the most important doorway to the world of progress and development for everyone. Let’s probe a bit more.

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International Internships awarded to students

One of the frequent questions we get from visitors, potential employers, and prospective students is  “What summer internships inform their employment choices after the second year?”

At MEC, we are proud of our dedication to students and the commitment we have towards individual development in line with internships and research programs.

One of our 2nd year students at MEC, G. Karunakar, has been awarded the Charpak Research Internship Scholarship, provided by the Embassy of France in India, for doing an Internship at a French University, in summer 2016.


He will be working with the research team at the CNRS Laboratory of Informatics (more precisely Laboratoire de L’Ínformatique du Parallelisme) at the Ecole Normale Superieur Lyon, broadly in the area of scheduling of workflows on Cloud Computing Clusters.

Sai Subramanya Kaustubh, also a student of second year at MEC has been offered an internship at Machine Learning and Interactive Systems of Metz Campus, CentraleSupélec. He would be working with the IMS (Information, Multimodality and Signal ) team on Sound Processing using Kernel methods. The project mainly deals with the segmentation of sounds and is carried under the guidance of Dr. Stéphane Rossignol, PhD, Associate Professor at Centrale Supélec.


We are incredibly proud our students who have the opportunity to work with such an esteemed group of organizations.

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