The B.Tech curriculum is based on a core programme in Basic Sciences (47 credits), Basic Engineering (28 credits), Humanities, Social and Creative Sciences (15 credits), Enterprise Sciences (10 credits).

It aims at providing the students with:
1. A basic knowledge of the scientific-technological-social-business environment they are going to work in as practitioners.
2. Methods and skills for analytical, critical, design thinking, experimental approaches, project management and communication.


Each undergraduate program at MEC has a blended curriculum. Students have to acquire 172 credits to graduate.

Mahindra École Centrale will provide apprenticeship with collaboration from the Industry, focus on humanities, international exposure and allied education to develop a ‘whole-brain-approach’ to business.

Vineet Nayyar

Chairman - Mahindra Educational Institutions
  No.of Credits  
Technical Courses Yr.1 Yr.2 Yr.3 Yr.4 Total
Humanities 4 4.5 0 3 11.5
Creative Sciences 3 4 3 2 12.0
Natural Sciences 22 20.5 10 0 52.5
Core Engineering 13 12 2 0 27.0
Department Specific 0 3 24 27 54.0
Project 0 0 5 10 15.0
Total 42.0 44.0 44.0 42.0 172.0
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As per the Academic Regulations of Mahindra École Centrale, a change in the branch allotted to a student at the time of Admission is not possible in the second year. As such, a student admitted in a particular branch will eventually get his B. Tech. degree in that branch only.