Infrastructure is the backbone of every country’s economy and becomes the very foundation for prosperity. With the advent of emerging technologies and automation, the conventional methods of infrastructural development is set to undergo a radical transformation.

At MEC, our curriculum is designed with a futuristic perspective so that our students are equipped in advance to tackle any challenge that might arise from the new age technological-revolution. Civil Engineering offers sixteen departmental courses (50 credits) covering basic and advanced levels in mechanics/dynamics of soils, structures and fluids together with surveying, transportation, environmental engineering, construction technology and construction project management.

Five elective courses (15 credits), professional or open ones, allow for specialization in water resources, foundation, structure, transportation and environmental. Acquired knowledge and skills have to be applied in four departmental projects (15 credits).

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

• Equip the students with the basic scientific thought for a creative engineering background to address problems with a global comprehension and perspective.
• Impart critical analytical skills required to plan, design, construct, maintain and rehabilitate infrastructure needs for a sustainable future.
• Ensure interdisciplinary comprehension of projects using appropriate technologies to meet the implementation challenges faced by society.
• Capable to communicate and exhibit ethical leadership qualities while working in diverse teams.
• Adopt to changing global needs by constantly updating their knowledge through Continued acquisition lifelong.

Core Courses
Aspire to be a ‘next-gen engineer’ equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities of an automated world at MU!