Software engineers are the architects of tomorrow. They have been leading the world through multiple thresholds of technological revolutions simultaneously. The essential attribute of a software engineer is the ability to coprehend and compute fast, which is why MEC ensures that along with the latest developments in industry, students are also taught how to learn new skills fast.

The core courses prepare students for an agile industry, and include 11 departmental courses which contribute for 40 credits. They cover basic and advanced levels of Algorithm, Data Structures, Database Management systems, Machine Leaning, Cryptography, etc.

Academic exploration is also encouraged through our five elective courses (15 credits), in either professional or open ones, which prepare for specialisation in Network or Embedded System computing, HPC, Graphics and Computer Interfaces, Information Security or Data Mining and Image Processing.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

• Graduates will identify and solve the problems of tomorrow’s world and will push forward the frontiers of computer science.
• Graduates will come up with indigenous and original ideas and be capable of building technology products for simplifying and improving the quality of life.
• Graduates will exhibit entrepreneurial traits and are capable of advancing their career by upgrading their professional, communication, and analytic skills continuously.

Core Courses
Aspire to be a ‘next-gen engineer’ equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities of an automated world at MU!