The Electrical & Electronics Engineering branch offers ten departmental courses (37 credits) covering basic and advanced knowledge in signal processing, electromagnetic and communication theory, together with IC design, communication networks and power systems.

Five elective courses (15 credits), professional or open ones, allow for specialization in power and distribution systems, VLSI and embedded system design, automation and robotics or communication systems. Acquired knowledge and skills are applied in the course of four departmental projects (15 credits).

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

• Graduates shall excel in their professional career and/or higher education by acquiring fundamental knowledge in Basic & Applied Sciences, Basic Engineering principles and Computational skills.
• Graduates shall analyze and be successful in designing new products and finding technically sound, cost effective and socially acceptable solutions to engineering problems.
• Graduates shall exhibit professionalism, ethics, communication skills, team work in their profession, adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong learning and participate in research & development.

Core Courses
Aspire to be a ‘next-gen engineer’ equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities of an automated world at MEC!