Electronics and Computer Engineering ECE @ MEC

The objective of the ECE program is to create engineers capable of solving real-world problems which require computation, communication or control by utilizing the most efficient combination of hardware and software. Students will learn how to build optimal machines using knowledge gained in both computing and electronics domains.

The highlights of the program are as follows:

Intensive courses on Programming and Algorithms:

  • Problem Solving in C, Data Structures, OOPs, Advanced Problem Solving in C, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Software Application Design

Fundamental courses to establish electronics fundamentals:

  • Electrical and Electronic Circuits, Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems, Signal Processing etc.

Crossover courses covering both software and hardware aspects:

  • Computing Infrastructure, Programmable Devices, Computing Systems Architecture, Machine Learning, Computer and Communication Networks

An intensive humanities track, including management electives, and design thinking

In the 3 rd and 4 th years, Students get to choose one of four TRACKS, which have been custom designed keeping future markets in mind, which are a) Data Sciences, b) Embedded System Design, c) Software Engineering, d) Digital System Design. Students take 3 courses in their chosen track, and also 3 Application / Breadth Electives offered to widen student horizon. More details below.

Tracks / Specialization
  • Digital Design – VLSI Design, Hardware Acceleration, Low Power IC Design etc.
  • Data Science – Data Management and Warehousing, Deep Learning, Big Data etc.
  • Embedded Systems – Real-time Systems, HW/SW Co-Design, Embedded Prog. etc.
  • Software Engineering – Software Construction, Testing and Verification etc.
Application Electives
  • Intelligent, Connected, and Autonomous Cars
  • Internet-of-Things System Design
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Hardware Accelerated Machine Learning
  • Smart Systems
  • Human Computer Interface
  • Mixed Reality Systems