The objective of Computation & Mathematics program is to prepare engineering professionals with strong foundation in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Scientific Computation. Acknowledging the scarcity of professionals equipped with cutting edge mathematical techniques appearing in Data Science, Data Analytics, Optimization, Deep Learning, AI, and ML, this program aims to correct this gap. Further, this program intends to prepare a mindset for smooth adaptation and transition to new emerging technologies of the future driven by fundamentals of mathematics.

The students will be trained in the skills necessary to solve advanced scientific problems arising in multi-disciplinary domains such as Mathematical Finance, Computational Biology, Computational Topology, Quantum Computing, Cryptography, Data Structures, Graph Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems among many more domains. Further the program offers many specialized courses via multiple Elective Baskets. Apart from acquiring advanced skills, students will be exposed to basic sciences and engineering concepts, design thinking, enterprise, economy, and entrepreneurship. In addition, emphasis will be given towards effective communication, personality, and soft skills development.

Graduates of this program will be able to solve real-life problems faced by industries which require mathematical approach of solution blended with elegant computing techniques. They will be well prepared to pursue interdisciplinary research career encompassing scientific computation, data analysis, and mathematical modelling. The graduates will exhibit entrepreneurial mindset and interpersonal skills along with technical knowledge for effective communication, innovation and implementation of new ideas.

Focus Areas:

  • Data Science/Data Analytics
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Quantum computing
  • Cryptography
  • Drug Design
Outline of Curriculum:

First Year Getting initiated
Second Year Basics for abstract Mathematical thinking
Third Year Blending Mathematics & Computation
Fourth Year Applications to real world
Credits Split: