Mechanical engineers have been the harbingers of change in every century. Their contributions are decisive in shaping the society, economy and everything else that results from the interaction between the two. It follows that this discipline is one of the foundations of the post-modern society. Hence, our curriculum for B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering is designed to create new engineers who are conscientious and equipped to deal with the responsibilities and challenges of their epoch.

Rooted in the core programme, the Mechanical Engineering courses comprise of fourteen departmental courses (53 credits) covering basic and advanced knowledge in mechanics/dynamics of solids and fluids, heat transfer and applied thermodynamics and materials together with design and manufacturing of machines and structures.
Five elective courses (15 credits), professional or open ones, allows for specialization in advanced combustion and propulsion systems, advanced thermodynamic systems, robotics, advanced mechanics and management and humanities.

Acquired knowledge and skill are applied in the course of three semesters of departmental projects worth 15 credits.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) 

• Kindle in themselves a passion for continued learning and adapt to evolving changes and challenges.
• Establish themselves as professionals and apply the knowledge acquired in the program to address and solve outstanding technical and societal problems.
• Shall strive to be effective leaders/entrepreneurs displaying a high level of social awareness and emotional intelligence, and drive positive change.

Core Courses
Aspire to be a ‘next-gen engineer’ equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities of an automated world at MU!