• Essential pre-requisites

    Approved Scholarship norms w.e.f 2019-20 onwards for B.Tech Programme at MU:

    MU offers Merit Scholarships every year to deserving students.

    48 Scholarships are equally distributed for the 4 branches, namely 12 per branch, of which 11 are based on JEE score and 1 is based on the SAT score (if no SAT person applies for a Scholarship, all would be allocated based on JEE score).

    The scholarship amount is Rs. 1,00,000 per-student-per-year.

    Top 12 rankers in each branch will be entitled for the scholarship year on year when they are promoted to the next year.

    No backlog and Non-involvement in any untoward activity in the hostel / college premises are necessary pre-requisites for eligibility.

    The Institute will also offer from 2019-20, 5 scholarships amounting to Rs.1,00,000 each to the top 5 students admitted to the B.TECH Programme - (across the branches) only if the student is from North Eastern Region on submission of valid documents. The said scholarship would be continued if and only if the student scores more than or equal to 7 CGPA without backlogs each year in the four year B.Tech Programme.

    20 scholarships will be earmarked for Girl Students on merit basis in addition to the above scholarships. The scholarship will be continued if the Girl Student scores CGPA of 7 and above in the 4 year B.Tech Programme.