MU is definitely ahead when it comes to recreational facilities on campus. Football, Basketball, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton, Indoor Games and other Sports facilities are in full swing for all the students and staff to utilize. All the courts are in the vicinity of the campus, which makes it convenient for students to play after the completion of the day’s classes. The game equipment and the fields and the courts are maintained regularly and are free to use any time of the day. It is indeed very refreshing to play the sport of your choice to relieve the stress of the same academic routine for a bit and train your body to be fit and healthy.

For the music enthusiasts MU has its own Music club and practice room with Western and Indian classical instruments. The deep thrumming of instruments are heard during the time of fests or music competitions as the college band practices routinely to sharpen their skills. Students who sing or play instruments for leisure are welcome to the room as well.

For the more artsy and aesthetic oriented crowd, MU has the Design Thinking Lab, where all sorts of arts and crafts projects are undertaken along with the decoration of the college for the numerous events that are scattered throughout the year. The Art-felt Club usually undertakes the functioning of the DTL which proves to be the perfect place to let one’s imagination run wild and simply create!