• Aether

    Aether is an electrifying techno-cultural fest that everyone at MU, one of the top B. Tech colleges in India, and outside, looks forward to in the spring semester of each academic year. This fascinating fest is conceptualised and organised by both students and management together. It is a pot-pourri of exciting activities such as literary and debate competitions, quizzes, movie marathons, adventure mysteries, and many more activities. The magnificence of the event comes from the dalliance between the numerous clubs that work synchronously. Students from across batches and departments of all top B. Tech colleges in India are eager to participate in the events and to share the thrill. Music and dance performances, dramatics and many fun-filled activities highlight the fest. Aether is a fest cum engagement platform that encourages students to interact on a bigger platform, to exhibit their hidden talents, and to invigorate themselves to take-on the upcoming semester.

  • AIRO

    AIRO is a three-day sports event of MU, the best engineering college in Hyderabad which attracts participation of students from all across the country. AIRO witnesses adrenaline surge, cut-throat competition, camaraderie and cheer for the participants. Along with beating the academic stress, it also hones the personality of the aspiring new engineers by teaching them some skills which can only be imparted through sports. What sets AIRO apart from the sports meets in other top engineering colleges is the diversity of the events. There is something for everyone here. While there are fitness, stamina and agility intensive games like football, volleyball, cricket, basketball, etc., there are also skill and focus intensive games like badminton, snooker, table tennis, etc. Additionally, for the tech enthusiasts, there are e-sports and mobile gaming. Whatever be the interests of individual students, thrill and excitement is an assured on all the three days. At the end of the three-day battle, one college or institute takes home the coveted tournament trophy. The champions get to keep the trophy till the next AIRO fest. Whether it’s academics or sports, MU is one of the best emerging engineering colleges in the country.

  • École Tyohar

    École Tyohar is MU’s cultural fest, a supernova of art that creates a montage of memories for everyone present. It celebrates art by bringing dancers, singers, actors, and people from all creative walks together on a single platform. Creative streak of our students explode on the stage as uninhibited artistic expressions in the form of theatre, dance, music, etc. The cultural programme also features eminent artists of the country. The recently held École Tyohar spectacle included the play “Two Adorable Losers”, starring Darsheel Safary and Abhishek Pattnaik. The cultural phenomenon becomes truly extravagant with the elaborate and sumptuous food fest. École Tyohar is an exhilarating experience for the mind, soul and body.

  • Centrale Connect Conclave

    The Centralé Connect Conclave is a differentiator that imparts credibility to MU of being amongst the top colleges in India, by creating an exclusive platform that focusses on creating a freeway bridging the academia and industry.

    The occasion is marked by the presence of trailblazers of the industry and other renowned professionals. Primarily, the conclave familiarises the aspiring engineers with the industry trends, and gives them a perspective with a clear picture of future career opportunities in their respective industries. The conclave also encourages the students to become useful resources for the country and inculcates in them a positive and innovative outlook at an early stage. It emphasises on the necessary social component in innovations to ensure that progress is both sustainable and democratic. This is what truly makes MU one of the top engineering colleges in India.

  • TEDx

    TEDx brings the spirit of TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading to local communities around the globe. TEDx events are organized by curious individuals who seek to discover ideas and spark conversations in their own community. TEDx events include live speakers and recorded TED Talks, and are organized independently under a free license granted by TED. The TEDx Event at MU is an intricately planned occasion, where speakers from varied backgrounds visit the campus and give technical talks on the topic of their expertise. The theme for this year’s TEDx is “The Small Picture”. The theme for this edition is primarily motivated by a rejection of an ‘end justifies the means’ attitude. The question to be addressed is, why the process is kept from the limelight and also focus on the minute, but nonetheless essential things that form one’s everyday life, the things in the background and the things forgotten. The Small Picture is a contrast to the big picture we see every day.