• The Artfelt and Artfelt (Painting Club)

    For all arts and crafts enthusiasts, to bestow a break from the regular academic run and to keep up the spirit of art.

  • The Media Club

    There are various events going on in the college at any given point of time. The aim of this club is to centralise any media related activities related to that event. Right from photo/video coverage to designing of posters or making trailers. This will help keeping the media team organised and prevent any sort of confusion along with proper execution. When there is proper organisation and execution the results are bound to be the best!

  • The Erudite Club

    To encourage debate culture, to keep the student body in touch with literature and to create a space where people can participate and improve in writing, speaking, and event organisation without being harshly judged.

  • The Outreach Club

    The Outreach banner has under it, various programs like Vignan, Bharosa and an upcoming Rural Development Project. Vignan helps us connect with high school students to tell them about the world beyond their textbooks. Under Bharosa, we reach out to children afflicted by cancer, and try to make their world that much brighter. With Rural Development Project, we take a step forward and reach out to the villages near the city and aim to educate and bring awareness in them. Outreach also actively engages with various industries to understand how society runs from day to day.

  • Gizmonation

    The goal of the club is to encourage team spirit and coordination along with promoting competitive e-sports and improving strategy, tactics and reaction time.

  • The Inquisitive Club

    The main objective of the club is to host quizzes and instil a sense of wonder and to develop a love for quizzing in everybody, we aim to get as many people involved to show that quizzes are much more than just general knowledge. They can be wacky and amazingly fun guess work teamed with general presence of mind. We hope the quiz club as a whole can achieve what we set out to do: to propagate our love for quizzing.

  • Enigma, The CSE Club

    At Enigma, we look at an all-round development of a person from a technical perspective. With diverse forks like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Full Stack and Competitive Coding and a focus towards open source projects and software development, we want to help people become better at what they like doing and make them industry ready. The club looks at making technological topics more accessible and easy to understand for everyone.

  • The Music Club

    As the name suggests, the Music Club is a place for students to get together and play music, to provide a means for them to express themselves in ways they cannot elsewhere.

  • The Robotics Club

    The goal of this club is to provide students who are interested in learning about and working with robots, a platform where they can come together and learn, teach and even compete in various robotics competitions across India. Robotics requires integration of principles of mechanics, computer science and electronics, following MEC’s ideology of a complete engineer who has enough practical knowledge and hands on experience of working in different branches of engineering. Robotics will not only bring together students from different branches to learn and work, but also instil the skill of team work and learn from each other’s knowledge. Our aim is to push forward MECsters into the wide, interesting and well renowned field of Robotics.

  • The Cookery Club

    The club aims to bring about different ways to cook so that people can develop a cooking skillset. This year itself we wish to give an 8-week session, where we meet up once a week and explore cooking as an art.

  • Upstage

    Though primarily the idea of drama club was to perform plays, there is a lot more the drama club intends to do. Upstage aims to encourage students to write original plays or at least adaptations of classic plays, perform stage-plays/ street-plays and also understand the history of drama and accordingly change/ interpret the rules of drama to create fresher concepts for audience. It also aims to give students with great stories, a chance to develop it into a home production.

  • Genesis

    The Civil Engineering Club Genesis aims to encourage research activities with the aid of workshops, events and industrial visits. The main goal is to bridge the gap between industry and institute and to provide better guidance and mentorship.

  • Flying Gravity (Badminton Club)

    The club will look after the availability of court and timely conduct of all activities. Let your racket do the talking.

  • Ethical Hacking

    We don't hack but when we do, it's 'Ethical'. Enhance your network's defenses.

  • The Erudite (Literacy Club)

    From books to debates and much more...It's about literature appreciation.

  • L'aventura (Adventure Club)

    An opportunity to live alive(?) and to see the world. Let us replace fear with curiosity.

  • Outreach (CSR Wing)

    Extending a helping hand to the deprived.

  • MEC Aces (Tennis Club)

    You only live once but you get to serve twice.

  • Upstage (Actors Studio)

    An exciting experience in the field of performing arts. Let there be an element of drama in our lives!

  • Travel & Discovery Club

    It is a 'ONE'derful life. Explore. Make your college life a treasure chest of memories!

  • Aero Club

    The place for aero modelling enthusiasts to learn, design, build, and fly!

  • Raaga (Indian Music Club)

    Indian music has a history spanning many millennia and developed over several ears. Club Raaga aims to rediscover and develop these lost treasures from the past.

  • Kalakruthi (Dance Club)

    Dance such that you move the world with you. Come, join us and enjoy each step along the way.

  • Vibes (Music Club)

    To relax in symphonies is what we stand for. Join us to ignite your passion for music. Make music, not war!

  • Artfelt (Painting Club)

    Get your creative juices flowing and your artsy side shining.

  • Lensation (Photography Club)

    The only place where you can learn to appreciate the beauty of this world through a lens, and recreate it.

  • S.A.E

    Apply engineering skills and innovate!

  • Innovative Androids (Technology / Robotics)

    Sometimes a technology is so awe-inspiring that the imagination runs away with it.

  • Gizmonation (Gamin Club)

    Unite to rise against all odds and conquer virtual realms.

  • F C MEC (Football Club)

    It’s not about the name on the back of the jersey, it’s about the badge on the front.

  • Three Pointers (Basketball Club)

    Dribble, rebound, shoot, and score!

  • Gourmet (The Foodie Club)

    Discovering the world through one's taste buds!